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This is a public website for federal forms.

Go to this website and download the forms SF86 and SF86A.  This is the application you "would" need to get a L or Q clearance.  L clearances go back 7 years and Q clearances go back 10 years.  This application is just for your information.  Like a previous post stated, you cannot get a clearance unless your employer request one for you and there is a need for you to obtain a clearance.  The clearance is granted by the DOE.  Scan through the application and you will see the information you will have to provide to obtain a clearance.  The DOE may ask for additional or clarification of any information you provide on the application and they normally do ask.

Yes everthing does count, but if you report it, they interview you and make you sign extra documents etc. We had someone denied because of an incident that happened 18years prior.. that was for an "L" .  He didnt report the info so DOE was not happy.  If you have "flags" on your forms, it will take the full 6months or longer to get cleared.  The "Men in Black" guys will interview your neighbors and all that may know you.    If no flags.. you never see the Men In Black.

The thing I've noticed on every job posting I've seen requiring an L or Q clearance is that they want you to have an *active* clearance already. Seem like a catch-22: no job without clearance, can't get a clearance unless you get a job. :)

If I happen to end up with an internship at a DOE lab this summer, I'll do whatever I need to do to keep the clearance active, that's for sure. :)


the day u leave a job the clearance is inactive.  the best thing u can do if u have to leave a cleared job is to keep employed, no breaks in employment. that way when it comes time to get another "L" it goes smooth.  if u know u are going to get another cleared job have the next employer "hold" your clearance.  You can't keep it active.  the employer must hold the clearance.  those jobs that request active are telling u that u have to quit one job and jump ship to another company.


That makes more sense. Thanks for that information.

Does this  mean that a lot of people stick to DOE work or power plant work, without switching back and forth to much?



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