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One of our members had a great idea, that we should ask the NukeWorkers to post their 'success' story.  I would love for every one of you to post here, sharing your story.  How did NukeWorker help you?  Did you get a job in the job board?  Did the free online study guides and quizzes help you pass a test?  Did networking with other NukeWorkers help you get a job?  Did the tribal knowledge in the message board help you?  Feel free to name other members that were especially helpful or inspirational to you.

--- Quote from: co60slr on Oct 29, 2010, 09:52 ---Encourage Success Stories.  I recently explained how I personally know no one that has gotten a job via NukeWorker.  How about a "NukeWorker Success Stories" where people are encourage to share their experiences in making whatever job, career transition they were looking for?   We help people but then they "disappear".   If someone used the job boards and the Forum for help, then encourage them to post their stories.

--- End quote ---

Picked up lots of good tribal knowledge from other members here, HydroDave, Marssim, Nutty Neutron, Justin aka Higgs, , MacGyver et al. Also got some great inside looks at how other departments think.

For the individuals I have shared many PMs with either giving advice, or answering questions, or teaching or just shooting the bull, well I've thoroughly enjoyed it and the energy of those just starting out in our industry has at times made me enjoy my job more. It's nice seeing someone take their first steps in an industry that I've learned to run in and see how joyful they are at their success.

I've enjoyed the disagreements with those who believe at times I might be too gruff. I might not agree but I do respect your opinions!

So yeah Nukeworker has given me the best of a few worlds.

Higgs: has helped me grow multiple times over the years. The first was when I got out of the Navy and continued to harbor anger and discontent many months after EAOS. A member smacked some sense into me and made me realize that it was all on me. I have since been a "post Navy diggit."

I am currently going through another growth period as I learn how to handle/deal with people who I may not necessarily like or agree with.

Additionally, I have learned so much from the likes of BZ, Dave, Marssim, Tom, etc.

Finally, I love giving back to by helping new comers, the way helped me when I was getting into the business. Before my last blow up, I had 6 resumes I was helping to mold and a PM box full of other requests. I would miss that too much.

These are the reasons I keep coming back.... despite how many times I have tried to stay away.

Helped me with Mass Unemployment when it was still legal to collect a combined wage claim and not work there.


--- Quote from: thenukeman on May 12, 2011, 10:52 ---Helped me with Mass Unemployment when it was still legal to collect a combined wage claim and not work there.

--- End quote ---

I have to second this one.  It also helped me get some good Mass unemployment back in the day.


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