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Mr. Rennhack,  [salute] I salute you for you awesome fortitude to invest time and $$$ ??? to produce this site.  <3

From a new member, but hoping to get some good karma one day.  [BH]

It's the first site I turn to each day, to search the job market.
Sometimes working at a commercial plant you don't hear of the "other" side , DOE etc..  I enjoy hearing of the way others do their job, in particular Marsimm who says 'his way is always the right way'.   And to have someone throw down the spell check feature on you , when you misspell a word.
Even though we'll probably never unionize and completely work together. We still have to keep us together and connected with the outside world.

All I can say is what a great website Mike.This website has giving me the info I need to move up in this industry. How to get into this industry. Great threads. Jr HP ..Great Threads. Sr Hp .. Great Threads..Engineering and QC. If you want the info it is here. Search what you want all the info is here.

Your website helped me Mike.

A success story.

Thanks RW

The great people on this forum gave me advice which was unequaled ANYWHERE ELSE as I transitioned from the Navy Nuclear Program into commercial nuclear power.  Quite literally, everyone's advice saved me thousands of dollars in mistakes that I was likely to make right out of the gate; and for this very reason, I will always remain a Gold Member - I can only hope that my contributions to this site may someday result in someone (and hopefully several "someones") receiving as much help here as I myself have received.


--- Quote from: NUKE on May 13, 2011, 02:45 ---I believe there are some night shift, West Coast or insomniacs out there. Or maybe late night studying for the NRRPT.  :P 

--- End quote ---

Or maybe making a lonely power marketer cry somewhere in a Houston or NYC fancy office building ;)

On-topic: Sometimes, even a short-term gig one finds here on Nukeworker can put you in a place where you find your hole-in-one career boost later, I've seen it happen myself! Plus this site has MUCH better smilies  [dowave]

A success story. Hmm...

Well, honestly Nukeworker wasn't necessary to get me a job, but I enjoy being a part of a community that understands the industry we all work in. Especially since many are ex-navy nukes like I am. As far as my story goes, I left the Navy and got stuck in the steel mill industry...and I hated it. I got trained to follow procedures, but they didn't even have such a thing where I worked. Just a lot of asinine rules meant to be broken and co-workers that were uneducated, untrained, and unprofessional. Call me arrogant, but I love working with people in and from the nuclear world...they are just better than most. When I had the chance to leave the steel world and get back into nuclear, I took it. I currently work for the American Centrifuge Project at USEC, and I couldn't be happier about the switch. I am once again working with people who understand how to be a professional worker, and do things the right way. In my time working in the steel industry, 5 people died at the mill I worked at, plus countless serious injuries. In my time at USEC, none have died, and we count days without time-loss injuries in the thousands. I think that says a lot about our industry and the attitude people have in it.


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