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Hi all,
 I wonder if anyone could be so kind as to supply me with a copy of the IAEA Simulator suite? I see from their website ( that they provide this for free, but you have to fill in forms and get them stamped, and I'm not sure it applies to individuals anyway. I'm not connected with any nuclear organizations, I'm just curious about reactors and their operation and would like to try out the sim for my own education and entertainment....
If anyone can help then that would be great!

I don't know anything about that, but here is something that USED to work..., I don't know if it still does because the site doesn't appear to be maintained anymore. It is basic and simple and might give you something to start with.

Hope that helps.


Hey Justin, thanks for the reply. I checked out the link you provided and it may work, I'm not sure. I at least got the PWR reactor trainer up on screen, but nothing seemed to happen when I ran the simulation. Most functionality was disabled anyway due to it being a demo.

What I like about the IAEA software (at least, from what I can see from the screenshots and from reading the manual) is that it gives an insight into the running of the whole plant, not just the reactor core itself, and contained quite detailed failure simulation too.

Update: IAEA replied and said that they don't make it available for individuals :(  But I'm still hopeful someone will help me out :)

Well, good luck! Considering we have real simulators it is unlikely anyone at a commericial nuke actually uses the IAEA stuff. I could be wrong!


If you want to send me a real simulator then I'd be pretty happy :)


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