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Update on Dorie (Henry & Camella's granddaughter)

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Camella Black:
Background: Dorie aged 6 woke yesterday morning after being sick for 3 days unable to walk or bear weight on her legs; while in the local ER she gradually became worse and her symptoms spread to her upper body, hands and neck. She could feel and move but had poor muscle tone and no reflexes.

Doctors first suspected Guillian Barre Syndrome and she was transported by ambulance to MCG Children's in Augusta GA... several hours and tests later she became worse and was scheduled for an MRI and spinal tap. While moving her to the potty Henry saw something drop onto the bed and a tick the size of a large cranberry was found in her bedding. After examining her from toe to head the site where he had burrowed into her scalp was found in the back of her head.

Within hours she began to improve and by this am she was walking and running around! She is now how, safe and sound with a weird story to tell when she is grown.

This is another reason to look for those ticks... Tick Paralysis may affect children although it is rare it can be life threatening.

For those of you who helped me locate Henry, who prayed and sent messages to us, thank you so very much!

Mike McFarlin:
Glad she is better! Thank goodness Henry saw the tick fall on the bedding. Happy you had a good ending to this story!  Spanky

Thanks for sharing the cause, it might help someone.

Wow, glad she is alright. With a twenty month old, in tick country...we will be watching.

Best to you and your granddaughter

Camella Black:
I should have stated that Dorie had already been to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and bronchitis; she was on meds and was a typical acting 6 year old mere 12 hours waking up paralyzed.


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