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Whats gonna happen to Crystal River

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When they were tightening up the Containment tendon...the cracked the containment ...from top to bottom.
Are they gonna decommission it or build a new containment???

They have to find out why it happened 1st then see if it make business sense to fix it. Progress is supposed to be releasing those findings soon.

I can't say I have any inside info but I heard the plant is a goner.


Caught this story on about a week ago.  Interesting article.

Unfortunately it's not looking good for the home team I'd say... :(

I am not a structural engineer, but based on what I know of our from the UFSAR, with the cracking problems they have, I don't see how it could be reparable. Replaceable? Like someone above said, they'd have to see if that makes sense economically. I doubt it would. I could only imagine that cost being sky high. I mean, is it even possible? So long as there is fuel in that building, among other things, I don't see how you could just take it down and put another back up.

I think Mike is right, it's done for.


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