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Whats gonna happen to Crystal River

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--- Quote from: TheHiggs on Jun 23, 2011, 07:01 ---I am not a structural engineer, but based on what I know of our from the UFSAR, with the cracking problems they have, I don't see how it could be reparable. Replaceable? Like someone above said, they'd have to see if that makes sense economically. I doubt it would. I could only imagine that cost being sky high. I mean, is it even possible? So long as there is fuel in that building, among other things, I don't see how you could just take it down and put another back up.

I think Mike is right, it's done for.

--- End quote ---

I believe they have like 4 coal units on site as well.  For the loss of one unit, I would say they'll probably cut their losses and look at adding a cheaper plant like a combined cycle to the mix.  The license expires in they don't have long.  I'm guessing that they're probably gonna pull the plug on this one as well...

Oh yeah, that would be my bet. Didn't know they ran out so soon.

But dont lose site of the big picture. Currently they're looking a about $1B to replace the containment building structure. That's only 20% or less of what a new unit would cost...and this unit is licensed! The biggest fear out there right now for utilities considering new units is the possibility of spending all that money and then not getting licensed. Crystal river will run again!
I also dont have any insider information but a heard a senior VP say it. If a senior VP says it and I hear it...that aint insider info but its a good indicator.

1 billion. wow. I will be shocked if they replace it, considering Exelon is shutting down a plant for half that (cooling towers). Apples and oranges though. What a project!

thanx guys....  good stuff


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