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Vermont Yankee operators sue state.

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Whoa, this is interesting. Wonder if it will have any effect?

retired nuke:
These are some of the top guys at the site - respected, regular guys. Not a slacker in the bunch. Since the license (some of them just got theirs, some of them have been SROs for decade +) is for VY only, having the state shut down the plant effectively invalidates their federal license, which they believe the state does not have the jurisdiction to do.

Needless to say, I wish them well. Gonna find out more Monday.

Any new updates? Lots of rumors flying around about the outage. Is there still a refuel outage this fall? Hearing a federal judge ruled the plant cannot operate after March 2012. Hope that's not true.

No fuel ordered yet. The injunction did not pass which would let VY operate while the case was in appeal (If the first case failed).  If they do not order fuel by the 22nd, I would not count on an outage.  This case has much broader ramifications.  Cuomo wants to do the same thing to IPEC.  It sucks for us employees though as we do not know what to do  :-[

retired nuke:
Entergy Moving Forward With Vermont Yankee Refueling


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