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A Guide to NukeWorker Slang
(Please, no funny stuff, keep that in the other forums)

PCM = Personnel Contamination Monitor (Something that measures the amount of contamination on your skin and cloths.)
RCA = Radiologically Controlled Area (An area controlled for radiological purposes.)
RRA = Radiologically Restricted Area (Mostly the same as RCA)
WBC = Whole Body Counter (It measures the amount of radiation emitted from your body, from the radioactive material in your body, i.e. K-40 (Potassium, like that found in Bananas and venison.)
DFR = hehehehe
Frisker = A hand held contamination monitor.
NRC = Nuclear Regulatory Commission
INPO = Institute of Nuclear Power Operations
Rem = Unit of measure of radiation deposited into your body (exposure/dose). You are allowed 5 Rem per year to your whole body, and 50 Rem per year to extremities.
mRem = A milli-Rem (1000 mRem = 1 Rem)
DOE = Department of Energy (Also slang for a site operated or licensed by them).
BWR = A Boiling Water Reactor, a type of design of Nuclear power plant where the water is allowed to boil in the primary loop.
PWR = Pressurized Water Reactor, a type of design of Nuclear power plant where the water is pressurized in the main loop, and exchanges its heat to a secondary ‘loop’ in a steam generator.
Hot = Contaminated
Screaming = Very contaminated
Crapped up = Contaminated

I hope this helps you non-nuke types :)

RMA= Radioactive Materials Area (an area where there is    material emitting radiation, NOT a contaminated area)
CSCA= Controlled Surface Contamintion Area (area that is contaminated, that is allowed to be contaminated due to specific reasoning, i.e. inside of a PWR containment building- too many manrem would be expended for the benefit derived.
DAC= Derived Airborne Concentration (the concentration of radioactive material in air, by isotopic analysis)
ManRem= Radiation Dose received, totalled up for statistical analysis, /item, like a job, a site, a company,etc.
NFG= what is written on a broken meter
OOS= Out Of Service, what a geek writes on a broken meter
PC= Protective Clothing, also know as Anti-C (Anti-Contamination, very old school)
DOD= Department of Defense, see DOE
Teletector= extendable GM tube instrument capable of reading to 1000 R/Hr, also called a tallywacker and is good for maintaining control of workers from a distance.
Face Pump= respirator
Lead Coffin, Lead Sled= Metal 5 sided box one would lie in to receive a Whole Body Count, very old school

BRT = Big Round Thing refering to the containment building where the reactor is located.

Can = Building where the nuclear reactor is contained. (PWR)
Drywell = BWR version of the Can

Annulus- That 3 foot wide curved "hallway" between the concrete outer containment and the steel inner containment of the reactor building at a BWR plant. Great place for nuke workers to leave their ubiquitous graffiti on the walls (such as "Joe was here for RF-6, RF-7 and RF-8", etc.) Usually reeks of urine, and those who enter will become crapped up from head to toe, not from anything reactor produced, but from the radon that seeps from the concrete walls.

Crud- Activated corrosion products that are heavier than water and settle out in bends, drains and other low spots or slow areas in the plumbing.

Crud Trap- Any part of the system that was deliberately engineered to catch crud. Usually does not work, is often cleaner than the areas it was designed to protect.

Bathtub Ring- The layer of crud that forms right at the water line of the spent fuel pool, refueling pool, supression pool, the swimming pool at the hotel where nuke workers stay, etc.

SCRAM- Safety Control Rod Axe Man, holdover from the days when prototype reactors had control rods that were held in place with ropes. In case of emergency, someone would cut the ropes with an axe to allow the control rods to drop into the pile, stopping the nuclear reaction. To this day the term "Scram" is still used for emergency reactor shutdown.


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