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OPG Radiation Tech Aptitude Test


Hi guys..newbie here...

I was recently contacted to write an aptitude test for the OPG radiation tech position and stumbled upon this site today..really excited about this position and wanted to do well so i can proceed with the interview...do any of you guys have any input in what I should focus on?...i am aware of the practice test that are available on SHLDirect...but looking for any help from you guys..Any input would be appreciated!!..


Did your write the test yet? Stil need some tips?

Got through to the interview! anyone else..?


--- Quote from: Marcus67 on May 30, 2012, 02:20 ---Got through to the interview! anyone else..?

--- End quote ---

I wrote my test May 30th and interview was June 26th, I haven't heard anything back yet


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