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retired nuke:
Question for all - email responses appreciated.

Are there any plants / facilities that do not allow smoking on site at all ?  ??? I have heard rumors, but couldn't find anything in a quick search of the forums.

Thanks in advance for any information I get :)


DC Cook is a Non-Smoking Plant Site, but you will see alot of Butts in the parking lot.
Also heard from a friend Point Beach is too. ???

davis besse used to be non-tobacco in plant structures, i believe this has been extended to the property line.

WNP-2/WPPSS-2 aka Columbia Generating Station is a non-tobacco site to the property line. Even uses "watchdogs" to monitor for and report violators, though some always sneaks past.  ;D


--- Quote ---WNP-2/WPPSS-2  "watchdogs" ;D
--- End quote ---

"watchdogs" ... is this the new politically correct verbage for stool pidgeon, aka rat?


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