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Can anyone tell me how I can get my clearance to work in a nuke here in U.S. any one to contact,forms and and phone# that would help.

Already Gone:
First, you have to get a job that requires you to have unescorted access.  Only a company may request access.  Individuals may not.  Otherwise, everybody who just wanted to come in and look around would be able to apply for access.  This wouldn't be a big deal except that it costs huuuuge dinero to conduct the necessary background investigations.  I can't think of any reason why a plant would want to spend those bucks.
So, in short, what I'm saying is that you have put the cart somewhat before the horse.  You don't need a clearance to get a job.  You need a job to apply for a clearance.  From that point, you need one to keep the other.  Simple enough?

Some helpful hints:  Start writing down a chronological list of where you have worked, periods of unemployment, whom to contact to verify the dates (The unemployment office is not a good answer.  You need a neighbor or someone unrelated to you who can say that they knew what you were up to while unemployed.)  List your old addresses, arrests, traffic violations, etc.  It might also help to get a copy of your credit record and clear up any discrepancies.  If somebody with the same name as you has been kiting checks, it may show up on your CR and cause you some trouble with the background check.  All this info should go back at least five years.
Also, stop smokin' all that good Jamaican reefer.  There will be a quiz in the bathroom when you report for processing.

Excellent advice above.  I would only add that I would go back 10 years on work history, and residence, and forever on criminal history.  Be prepared to document any charges that were filed against you and then dropped.  In a lot of cases, the FBI criminal history shows all arrests that have occurred since you turned 18, but in many cases it doesn't mention that the charges were dropped or reduced in court.  The more documentation you have the better off you will be.  Good luck.

Also, you may need the address and a contact number for every location you lived during that time.


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