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???  ok, I'm coming up on 90 days until I get out of the Navy.  Almost 11 years, Nuke Mechanic, Watch Supervisor Qualified, blah, blah, blah....ok, so why is it so hard to even get to talk to somebody about getting jobs.  I get emails, phone calls, and letters every day from recruiters/ "headhunters" about other job opportunities not in the nuke field...but, they all say the same thing - wait until January to begin a hard push for interviews, etc.  Well, I guess I may suffer from ocd or something, cuz waiting until the last minute makes no sense to me.  So, I am trying to get my foot in the door of nuke power, especially with FPL (wife wants to move back to Florida), but finding the right door, or the "key"  to that door has been hard.  At this point, I am just looking for some advice, or guidance, or (what the #@%$, I'm not above groveling) even contacts.  
By the way, thanks Amy for the help yesterday, and I will hopefully find something before you get back in business, but if not, I will definitely be giving you a call in January!  ;)

Rain Man:
Do a lot of research on whatever utility you want to sign on with.  Plants are being bought and sold like good-time girls at Mardi Gras.  Those transitions do no favors for the employees and are geared strictly to the maximize the profit that can be squeezed out of the plant(s).  A few have been immune but they are the exception these days.  Quite a few posters to this site can clue you in on what to expect.  You can look at DOE but their presence in Fl. is limited.  If you think it doesn't make sense now, hold on to your phart sack......it rarely gets better.

Roll Tide:
Good decision to get out.  ;D
Good news: Turkey Point is the fastest way to get into commercial nuclear power. The current site VP, Terry Jones, had a similar Navy background, and they like Navy Nukes there.  :D
Bad news: Turkey Point has vacancies for a reason. I couldn't stay down there due to the situation in the Homestead area for my school age kids. That may not be a problem for you.  :'(
Call (305)246-1300 for the main switchboard, and try to get someone in HR, such as Dave Goodrault, to give you some idea of when they will test for the next Operator class.

Dave's number is 305-246-6732, e-mail is dave_gaudrault@fpl.com.  Spent 14 years here, good starting place out of the navy.  Send him a resume.

 Expand your search!  Although Florida may be the state of choice, Homestead may not be the prefered city.  Although Turkey Point has improved over the many years, the area has not!  It is no secret that the area can be hazardous to your health!  I know many of people who tried to make a go of it there, but not many survived the area.  If you have children, fogetaboudit!
 Lately I have been doing quite a bit of research in the Oak Ridge area.  I said, " Area "  There Seems to be a lot of opportunities there and a ton of companies to approach.  Since you are presently working for the Government, with a clearance, you'll be beating them off with a stick!.  Although it isn't Florida, the quality of life in that area is at least a thousand time better then Homestead, plus they speak your language!
 Although you may be a little antzi to get yourself lined up for your future career, I would suggest you check out an areas census information, before you commit, including Crime Statistics!  Homestead is in Dade County, I think that stands for Do And Die Environment, I'm not sure?
 Also check out the logistics of the opportunity.  Turkey is one isolated site, located on the southern tip of Florida.  Future resources are few and hard to come by.  Oak Ridge is a hub of opportunities, everybody, who is anybody, has an office there!  A ton of opportunities in every facet of the industry.  Although it ain't Florida, it ain't far!  One last statistic on Tennessee, the area is centrally located to over two thirds of the countries population.  If you have ever been to Turkey, you know it takes you at least eight hours just to get out of the state!
 Good Luck and start your research at the US Census Web Site!


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