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 If you have a recent dui on your record, can you still go
to work for nuclear  facilities?

Most facilities, yes.  Best bet is to have your company ask the site you want to work at.  It's a site specific thing.

Usually, they just require that you tell them aobut it (law) and that you have fulfilled everything the judge told you to do. i.e. fines, rehab, etc.

if it is still pending It can be a problem ,But you need to have all your paper work done and show you done what they wanted.

RP Instructor:
DEFINITELY reveal this openly to the employer when asked. DON'T attempt to conceal it - it'll be discovered during your background check, and then your chances at a job will be shot.
I was convicted of a DUI in April 2001. Got my un-restricted license back in April 2002. Applied for a house job at a nuke in May 2002. Openly revealed the DUI conviction, and no one ever asked me about it.
Duke has a point though. If your DUI is still pending, you need to abide by the ruling of the court and do all that is required to have your license reinstated. As far as limited driving privileges, your attorney can get that modified so that you can go to and from work.

Like was said above, if it is pending you may have difficulties.  If you have gone to court, you should have paperwork proving the disposition of the charges.  The FBI file your employer will get will have the charge information, but not what occurred in court.  Have all of the info on your charge you can muster, and be forthright.  I had a DUI 3 1/2 years ago, and I received a clearance 1 1/2 years later.  Honesty is the best policy, and any reasonable occurrence can be adjudicated by the access authorization coordinator.


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