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DUI Question.

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  It depends if you were actively working, or not, during the bust.  If your were working, the site will usually spell out their provisional employment policies on DUI's.  If you are not working, you are probably screwed.  10 CFR 26, has this little one liner, pertaining to requesting site access.  It states that an individual not be granted access if they have pending drug or alcohol related charges.  In other words, you have to complete all sanctions of the court, before you are eligable for hire!  I know it doesn't make sense, but you can check it out!  If you have a long time standing with one company, they may be able to slide you into a site or two, but since 9/11 most utilities don't want to even think about it!
  One amazing thing on the DUI topic. As rediculous as it sounds, the US Constitution spells out only one substance on the planet, we have a right to, that is Alcohol!  Everything else required to sustain life is purly assumed!  Driving a vehicle is the problem!  Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege in the US.  Hopefully it is right for our troops in Iraq!  I sure would hate to hear that some of our troops were casulties, because they had their driving privileges revoked!    


--- Quote ---you also have the explicit right to GUNS :)              [smiley=rocketwhore.gif]
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Lets try to keep this on topic, shall we?

What all have said on this subject is true. Just be honest and if asked tell. Good luck

I got in to one Plant with one pending ! and got booted from another site becuse I did not tell them about one I had back in 87 yet I had been to the site many times..
and they new about the old one, and I just got cleared of the other one and had been to 3 different sites, sigh. oh will water under the bridge and I have not had a drop in 9 years to,
best thing to do is not drive. ( or drink  LOL ) ;D
good luck! And have your paper worke DONE.

I can't tell from your question if you are looking for house or road work. Some house positions require a valid driver's liscence which might affect your application date.


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