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Something that is bothering me is Bartlett's use of H1-B visa's to help supplement outage staffing. I have nothing personal against the foriegners that come over here and take our jobs, but Bartlett bends these guys over a chair and really profits off these guys, that they get paid less than the standard senior Hp.(only a guess on my part, I haven't seen their paychecks) It is a short term fix for Bartlett, you would think jr. hp development would more of a priority. Any way the good news is that Congress let the H1-B visa program revert back to its former level of 65,000 or so visa's for the US total from laast years 140,000 or so visa's. Hey Bruce, how about some overseas outages for us??????????? :)  

I am rather surprised this sort of thing would be happening in the nuclear field, this has been the MO in the IT field for quite some time, and getting worse.  Instead of corporations/emp agencies bringing in the H1-B's, corps are now sending the IT work, their business intelligence, overseas to the countries that supply the majority of H1-B's to the US, primarily India and Russia.  I believe the benefits of H1 for these Bartlett workers may also be a profit measure, I am glad to see the reduction of H1's into this country.  

I am South African Radiation Protection Tech with 29 outages experience at PWR's. I have done just about every type of job at a PWR. I have been looking for contract work in the USA as I believe there to be shortage of RP Techs. I have been to Bartlett and they are not interested - or they are but the visa application etc is to difficult. I know they are able to get Mexicans in, on a different visa system. Its surprising to read that foreigners are taking US jobs as we cannot get in? We are able to get work in Canada but not in the USA. So if anyone knows how - I would be glad to hear about it. I would not like to take jobs away from US citizens - but if there is a shortage then why should we not be allowed to work in the USA?

Already Gone:
Well, the shortage is a myth.  Most contract Radiation Protection Technicians (other than those working long-term government cotracts) are unemployed for at least half of every year.
What really exists is a scheduling conflict.  A large percentage of nuclear plants schedule their outages simultaneously because of the effect of seasonal climate changes on electric power demand.
If the outages were spread out evenly, the demand for RP technicians would be so low that nobody could afford to stay in the business.  There would be about four to ten weeks of work per year for most contractors. As it is now, all availabel techs are employed at some times, but for only very short periods each spring and autumn.  For the rest of the year, there are always some techs without work.

If you can get work in Canada, go there.  Although Canada and the USA are each other's largest trading partners, there is essentially ZERO exchange of RP's between the two countries.  We simply cannot find employment there (even though we import large amounts of electricity from Canada).  NAFTA turns out to be a joke since we have to get in line behind the Swedes, Brits, and (now aparently) South Africans.

As long as that is the case, I have no problem with you standing in line behind the Mexicans to obtain work here.  You say that you don't want to take work away from Americans, but the fact is that the Mexicans have more right to work here than you do, just as we Americans have more right to work in Canada than you do. But that doesn't seem to matter.   Perhaps we should arrange for South Africa and Canada to exchange continents.  I'm sure that SA would be more fair in hiring American RP's than Canada is. 

Anyway, if Bartlett is not interested, you have practically no other opportunities.  They hold a near monopoly on contract RP's, other than government work which mostly requires a security clearance that you won't get.


Its strange that we can fly half way accross the world to work in Canada - yet you guys just down the road find it so difficult. Not sure fully on all the politics.

I am also aware of your outage situation - outages getting shorter and also everyone doing their outages at the same time. Which essentially creates a "shortage" at certain times. Its really not going to change? The question I have then is should we not be allowed to fill the "shortage"?

I am also aware that Bartlett is the biggest contractor. That's why I will keep pestering them until something happens. How about it Mr. Bartlett?

The problem you guys have in the US is that your currency is so strong against the rest of the world. For instance for you to work in South Africa would not be worth your while as we could not pay you in Dollars and our currency is much weaker than yours. However for us work in the US on contract is very viable. Even Canada is very good - even given the difference in currency.

But I can assure you for right now - we ain't going to get work in the USA! So your jobs are safe. But even if they did allow us into the USA how many of us do you think there from South Africa are that would flood the market? We have seven guys working in Canada. If we could get work in the USA there might be as many as ten of us - IN TOTAL. Hardly going to make a dent in the market?

I also think that sometimes you guys from the USA are a "little" unfair. Americans work all over the world and that's OK? But as soon as anyone tries to get legitimate work in the USA - its not OK?



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