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In order to qualify for an H1-B visa, there has to be the expectation of full time employment and employer sponsorship.  The expense and time consumed to go through the labor certification process isn't worth it for an employer who is going to hire you for a few weeks.  An H1-B visa is a once renewable, three year visa.

Canadians and Mexicans have an easier path to take due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  They can apply for a TN (Treaty Nafta) Visa.  This is a one year renewable visa that is relatively easy to obtain.  One has to prove that they have a bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience, and an employer willing to sponsor them.  The time and expense required to apply for a TN Visa is relatively minor compared to the H1-B.

How do I know this stuff?  I'm Canadian and started out down here on a TN Visa.  I am now on an H1-B and awaiting my Green Card.  I work in the Nuclear Industry but I am not an HP.

As far as there being a shortage of HP personnel during outages, there is only a shortage when you actually need one.

Good luck.



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