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Hello all, just found this site after becoming interested in working in the nuke industry again, been in hybernation since '92.  At which time I was a new 3.1 SrHp, but burnt out from the instability and the travel...

Forgive me if there are topics like this in the archives, I havent delved so deeply into this site yet, however Im sure I will.

What sorts of things have changed and what should someone look forward to, or be up against while trying to get back up to speed?


Shorter outages. :'(

less contract companies to work for  :'(

sometimes need an inside man to get your resume submitted if you're still on double secret probation  ::)

higher cost of living  >:(

less fun, more B.S.  :-[

Still better than flipping burgers ;D

Thats about how it was when I left.

I was more wondering about requirements that may have changed, qualifications, etc...

My concerns relate to leaving a stable but dead end job making 50k per year to get back into the nuke scene.  Money aside, I really miss the industry and the responsibility.

dont leave..  unless u have an advanced degree and want to struggle up hill for a while in the nukes.  look at the postings, not here, typically, but for professional staffing... not a lot of action except in the engineering area. and highly specialized at that.. house techs are in the 50k range now, but last in is first out when layoffs start again.

There's alot going on in DOE. With the promise of acceloerated clean up they need more techs than ever. Pay is running about 55K with no OT. Right now Hanford is trying to fill 37+ positions with out much luck. That's how I got back in the biz after 9 years off.


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