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will I be denied b/c of past diagnosed depression


I was diagnosed with depression 2 years ago. how will this affect my chances for getting a Q clearance

If you get a doctor statement to counter this, you may have success.  Are you on meds?  You could possible get an "L". 

I new guys who had Q's and lost them becuse they went into re-hab. and I know workers have not its up the person doing your PSQ, always tell the trurth they will find out if you are not . they will find friends of yours you have forgotten about ,

Remeber what the "Q" is about.  SECRET STUFF and working around weapons.  I agree-tell the truth-don't hold back- but it is a question on the application and taking meds may prohibit your performance when you may be asked to take a "lie detector" exam.  Good luck.

I doubt you will be denied.  But as they are telling you here, be truthful about it.  If you tell the truth and don't present a security problem as far as our national security goes, then it should not be a problem.  I had a Q once, a very long time ago, and I had some other bad skeletons in my closet and I told them about it.  As long as they know, then they can help you.  All you got to do is tell them that if someone came up to you, wanting something, information, files, etc, is to contact security.  And they will help you.  It takes sometimes up to 2 years to get a Q depending on how much you have moved around, so worse case, you could work for 2 years before getting laid off, cause you couldn't secure the Q. 


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