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This is the Talk about Atlantic Group thread.  Don't forget to vote, keep your comments civil, and perhaps read the forum rules.

No pay for holidays, no direct deposit, per Diem and salary on one check.
Atlantic has a lot of Numanco People working in their new Rad division, and has a lot of their old contracts.
Day-Zimmerman bought Atlantic Group

Hey, I just heard the Atlantic Group won the NMC Contract from Bartlett.  I also understand it was one of their strong holds, and they didn't underbid to win it and that the pay was actually going up at all the sites. Anyone else heard this? If that's the case I for one think competition can be a good thing for us techs. 8)

was it not the old numanco sites in the old days?
and how many numanco personal went over to atlantic. its all good . no matter what.

Don't know about the other NMC sites but I do know the pay went up at Point Beach.  Yes we were a Numanco site before Bartlett, and from what i've seen of the resumes comming in for our fall outage there are a number of Numanco Techs in the Atlantic Group lists.  It will be nice to see some old friends again. 

As Atlantic group has now picked up the NMC plants, and Entergy plants, was wondering how the company was to work for as an RP tech?  Are things similar to working for Bartlett and old Numanco?  Pay, treatment, process for getting jobs, etc.   May be working for them this fall so wanted an idea how things are with the "new guy", for RP, on the block.  Thanks for any info.


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