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..I am currently working at River Bend for Atlantic,,,,Kristie Inman and Roxana(from Bartlett)..are the recruters..top shelf..............John Ellison from Numanco, may just be the reason the Entergy contract was won..........Larry Booker( from Virginia) is in the office.......we are working an emergency shutdown and have had no payroll, processing or office problems.........I am also going to IP with them .....the per diem is over 100/day at each site.take it for what its worth...we are satisfied in Louisiana..........

Hey, That's good to hear.  Since we're sitting here at an NMC plant that chose Atlantic.  We were fearful that it was another NMC (no money company) mistake picking the low ball solution.  Sounds like they recruited some good people and old school recruiters!  I worked for John a few years back at ANO.  Good news that there actually is some competition out there against Bartlett.

The Atlantic Group is a top notch company.They got the BEST recruiter in the business. You be straight with her she will with you. Remo

And just who might this recuiter be???? hmmmmmm???

If it is the fiesty one in Tulsa, I would have to agree.

Besides, I still owe her lunch  :P

Anyone have any info on Atlantic's health insurance? What kind of coverage they offer employees and how much out of pocket it cost? Any info would be great


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