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RAD Services, SNGS 1980-1984

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Anyone from RAD during that time.

Walt Harris:
Rad Services-yes, SNGS-no.

We rolled over from CE in 1983.  RAD Services came on site in the fall of 83', with Bartlett and they split the contract that CE had. RAD had Operational HP and Bartlett Radwaste.  Learned from the best and loved it!

Tim Cox I was there then still don't remember much about those were the wilder days

Yep, I was there.  Part of a lost decade and had to check my Form 4 to confirm.  The good times they did roll.
Started with CE on the unit 2 startup, left and went to Diablo.
Returned with Bartlett on the unit 2/3 excess material cleanout.
Sometime in there I went to Vegas and got married. Still haven't figured out if I won or lost.  I still have my prize though.


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