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 ;D Hi there everyone. I am wanting to become a deconer. My husband is an HP and has a steady job and I know would like to take a traveling deconer for a try. Can anyone tell meor give me any ideas on how i can come about getting my first outage? ??? :)

If your husband is an HP, he already knows how to bring you along. That is what Sr's. do. It should be easy to have both of you hook up with an outage. All He has to say is my wife is a deconner and wants to work there too. All you ave to say is that my husband is an HP and we want to work together. Tere should be no problem. If you have little experience, both of you might have to go to a place that you really do not want to go. Just lok at is a paying our dues. Good luck

Thanks for your advice. I should have stated that he currently works at a DOE site and they are not using decon tech. That is why I am looking for advice on here. We had thought about bringing me in as a operator but they want me to have HAZWHOPER and that I dont have.


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