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People have asked me how to archive their DVD's.  Here are some links to some suggested sites:

First: DVD Decrypter is a free tool which enables you decrypt and copy a DVD to your PC's hard disk. From there you can choose to watch them with the likes of PowerDVD and WinDVD or you can re-encode them to MPEG1 (VCD) or DivX. Advanced functionality can be found in the context menus.
(Note:  You may have to change the 'Mode' setting from 'ISO' to 'File')

Then: DVD Shrink overcomes the problem of fitting "big" DVD's onto "small" DVD's by compressing or "shrinking" the data from your original DVD.  DVD Shrink also allows you to re-author your DVD. You can make your own compilation from one or more source DVDs, or select only the parts of a DVD which you intend to view, thus preserving more space on your backup for the highest quality viewing.

Lastly:  Nero, a comprehensive disk burning program, is my favorite software to burn it to a new DVD.

DVD43free is a cool ripper program that that removes the CSS protection on most comercially released DVDs.  Great for making backups of your movies for the kids to enjoy/destroy.  Just download it and it runs in the background once it's installed.  Best of all, it's free! Go to:  It's seems to work well with the DVDShrink program as well.

DVD Shrink works great and if you need to make it real. is an excellet place to make the covers.

My original post is out of date.  My new process is rip to hard drive from DVD or BluRay with AnyDVD HD.

Then I converty it to MP4 with HandBrake:

Then I add album art with:  MetaX

Those programs handle 99% of my needs.  Once in a while, I use FreeMake to cover other conversions.  It's also exceptionally good at compressing 7 DVD's into one DVD for viewing in the car.


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