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ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?

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Now here's one I can sink my teeth into:

To anyone who knows me and has discussed the issue of "training" with me when I was a Jr; I apologize (By the end of my jr. time I was a bit of a grump! :o) RAD-GHOST I feel your pain.. Honestly. This particular subject is very frustrating when you are at the point you are at now >:(. The problem, as Eric and others have so aptly described, Is that the standard is anything but Standardized! Basically, Keep plugging! Eric will make you a Senior as soon as he reasonably can (I know! He had to put up w/ me and that wasn't always easy! ;))
    As to training; Beercourt had some excellent ideas on that on another thread so I won't repeat it all here. I particularly like the training surcharge idea. Our training in this field is basically non-existent! This is something I have disliked for a very long time! At some point we must find a way to give jr's some meaningful experience beyond PCM watch! Many new Sr's fail or develop bad reputations for something that is really not their fault! I know everyone at the office and any Sr. techs are aware of this so the question is, What can be done about it?


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