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ANSI STANDARDS - Did they Change?

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Seriously, back on the ANSI standards. 

I guess I wasn't specific enough. 

Let's assume an individual has the necessary qualifying hours, all documented by the company.  Also the individual has successfully completed the NEU test.  Does the person meet the 18.1, or 3.1 standard?  Has something happened in the industry, which requires further testing or special qualifications?  If so, is it site specific, or an industry wide policy?


I think it's more site specific than just accumulated hrs. At some sites you must have the ANSI specified time and specific documentation stating you are qualified to perform certain tasks.
At this site Jr's must aquire the time and also pass OJT and a "Task Performance Evaluation" along with passing the NEU before they are a qualified 18.1.

Already Gone:

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You'll notice that I put that phrase in quotes.  I did that for a reason.

Back to the standards, ANSI hasn't changed the standards in over 25 years.  ANSI N-3.1 actually supersedes N-18.1.  Plants that were licensed before the change can still use the old standard.  However, I think they have to adopt 3.1 if they are relicensed.  (Does anyone have the answer to that?)  Eventually, all those plants will be gone, and N-18.1 will be history.

I'm getting a vibe here that someone you know is getting screwed over the qualification process.  That doesn't have anything to do with ANSI.  N-18.1 and N-3.1 do not specifically require the NEU exam (now known as the RP FUndamentals Exam) because they were both published before that exam existed.

You might look to see if INPO has anything to do with the latest developments.

Here's my experience with ANSI standards.

I have an A.S. degree in Radiation Protection and 538 days/76 weeks & 6 days (however you'd like to count it) in plant RP/HP experience.  If I'm only allowed 50 hours per week, I've accumulated 3,800 hours thus far with only 200 hours, or 4 weeks, left before I qualify as an 18.1 senior.

I just asked Bartlett to send me on the next job as an 18.1 senior.  I was told they can't do that.  If the plant wants to sign me off as an 18.1 they can, but Bartlett can't submit me as one until I have fully met the qualifications. I was also told I don't get credit for my degree until I meet the "time in plant" for 18.1

As for Palo Verde I've been told that once I complete three years experience (they'll give me 50 weeks for my degree), I qualify to be a 3.1 senior there.  The way this was told to me, and the way I'm interrupting this, I only have to finish up 4 more weeks of time before I qualify as an 18.1 and 3.1 senior (50 weeks for the degree gives me another 2,500 hours putting me above the 6,000 needed for 3.1 senior).

Would any Bartlett recruiters like to chime in on this?

Actually your in the Black Hole of Qualifications.  I know a couple of Techs who have gone through the same situation.  That's why I started this thread.  Of course their situation drug on past their tallied time!  Believe it or not, some companies have to staff positions, with Techs who have qualifications such as yours.  A seniors wont take the position and some juniors don't meet the qualified.  It's probably not the buyers problem, more the sellers!  You should actually get some credit for your degree.  Obviously their plans don't meet your, time to shop for another opportunity!  Remember, your a much bigger asset when your working for someone else!

Good Luck, RG


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