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Nine Mile Point workers on strike

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Sun Dog:
Any guess how long it will last?  I'd wager they come to terms before the first frost.  The picket line could be uncomfortable in Oswego come January.

Can anyone spread some insight on some of the preparations they've had to make to staff the shift?

I'm curious how many active licensed SROs they have that they can cover without violating NRC fatigue rules.

They probably won't meet the fatigue rules, but that is why there are waivers. Sucks to be them. I've got an email out to an SRO buddy I have there, maybe he will give me more scoop.

I suppose so, but I would think they'd get a pretty big boot up their ass waiving the fatigue rule if they've been planning for this for a year.  (read that in this article


Nine Mile is adhering to all the fatigue rules.  No waivers


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