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What are the names and phone numbers of vendors doing Whole Body Counts, especially since Helgesson is out of the business?

Hi Pete!

I hope that all is well.

Helgeson use to be a household name eh? I assume that your workers are in a remote location and need WBC.

The last time that I heard of a mobile WBC was that owned by Helgeson (1992). If they are not in business the new owner may have those capabilities. You may contact Canberra at their corporate office in CT.

Another avenue would be to contact the nearest Nuclear Power Plant or DOE Facility and set up a purchase order for that service. Fernald owns one of the best WBC facilities in the world. I would be able to inquire at BNL (Long Island, NY) if that would be practical (631-344-8252).

You may contact Jerry DeGroodt at the SEC corporate office located in Oak Ridge, TN. to see if he could help with any suggestions.

I will call a friend shortly to gather any input. If the information is worthy then I will follow-up using this thread.

Nice to see that you are still active in the biz. Have you tried Bettis or BV?

Have a Great Day and Week!

Moke ;D

MOke & T Tarbox    Thanks for the assistance and phone number.  I have been in touch with BV and about half of the facilities in this region.  It seems like Helgesson going out of the business has left a pretty good hole!  I heard that a company in MD bought the mobile WBC trailer setup, however, I am unable to gether a name or number of that organization.  Again, many thanks.  

The only mobil system I know of is owned by Canberra. I have used this system quite a few times. I know they charge around 30,000+ to rent it for 3 months and they deliver it and pick it up. The unit is in a 5th wheel set up. It's used and abused but the fastscan (stand up 1 minute) counter works great. You can probably get the number off the web. Hope this helps. ::)


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