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Security Openings?



I worked as a Security Officer at RE Ginna in NY for almost 6 years until my wife got transferred out to WI for her job. I was lucky enough to also get a transfer with RSS and get into Point Beach as a Security Officer. I've been employed here at PBNP for 2 years.

I was CAS/SAS at Ginna along with SRT, and Adversary Team.

Here at PBNP I am the certified Shift Armorer, SRT, and Adversary.

My wife is looking to take a voluntary transfer to Cleveland at the end of the year (Dec 2011) and I noticed there are two nuke plants within the greater Cleveland area. We currently both drive 50-60 miles one way to get to our respective jobs...we pretty much live equidistant between the two cities where we're employed...so we're not opposed to driving when we move to Cleveland.

How far is DB from Cleveland?

Is security a union?

How hard is it to get in? I know some plants where security is unionized, it's virtually impossible to even get an interview.

Can anyone PM the contact info for anyone in the training/hiring dept?

Any other info would greatly be appreciated.




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