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ACAD 10-001, guide to licensing qualifications.

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FYI, there are companies that might hire you with less than 24 months EWS/PPWS for D-SRO. They have to have a plan to get you the last month or two before you receive your license (at my plant it's a month or two standing STA), but you have to tell them up front, and don't assume they'll still hire you (they might find a candidate that meets all the requirements and hire him/her instead).

I'd be curious to know how they are getting away with that. Please PM me the details.

I know of two people who had less than the 24 months, which was found out after licensing, and they lost their licenses. I'm looking over the tables again, and I'm not seeing how STA can be used to fill in for EWS. Obviously your region is allowing it, I'd just like to know how so that maybe I can leverage it.

I know that utilities get waivers for the 6 months on site, but this is the first that I've heard about it for the EWS thing.


PM sent.

Can you send me the file? It shows the link is not working


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