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ACAD 10-001, guide to licensing qualifications.

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--- Quote from: FatherSheets on Dec 02, 2011, 04:45 ---Thanks, guess I just need to think of a way to delay my discharge a week or so.

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That may not be good enough. 2 years qualified is the minimum, but most places I've talked to take that to mean that you actually stood the watch for two years. However, there is exelon and they are very generous when it comes to that sort of thing. Just depends on how bad they need people.

Are you opposed to NLO starting out?

Not opposed to anything. I'm just trying to set my self up as best I can. I was aiming for direct SRO, but nothing is set in stone. What is your opinion of NLO? And thanks for the heads up.

I'm not saying don't try to get the two years, someone might pick you up with the min, and the degree will help.

I'm just suggesting not to be closed to NLO.

I will just say that If I had known about NLO when I got out, would have went that route.

However, with a degree and a desire to get a license... YOU WILL go to class eventually, and probably sooner than you think. Starting as an NLO won't prevent that, and if anything, it will make you a better SRO one day.

Good luck!

Yes a MUCH better SRO by starting in the buildings.  Having worked for both instant and upgrade there is a huge difference in knowledge level.

Thank you for your service.


Thanks for the advice.


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