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How do i apply for diablo canyon as a Security Guard


I have been looking on-line for career opportunities.  I am enlisted in the united states navy and going from active duty to active reserves.  I also am part time armed guard in Virginia.  I have all my credentials for the state of Virginia.  I am moving back to California and heard diablo canyon is the best place to go for the security field.  If anyone is able to assist me on how I am able to apply or what site that can assist me that would be greatly appreciated.

Papa Nuc:
Just keep an eye on the PG&E careers websites.  They have more than one.  https://pgecorp.taleo.net/careersection/2/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en

Thank you very much.

I am getting out of the Marine Corps very soon. I am wondering what the first steps would be to get into Diablo Canyon as security. I served four years honorably in the infantry. I recently heard about security at Diablo but have idea of where to look, or what I need to begin. Some help would be appreciated.


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