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Can anyone tell me who the current staffing companies are at Duane Arnold? I have never worked this site but I am looking into it for the fall outage. I am primarily interested in the mechanical/electrical work. Thanks.

Already Gone:
That is a little broad.
What is your trade?
If you say mechanical/electrical work, that means nothing.  What, if any, mechanical specialties are you qualified for?  Are you a boilermaker, pipefitter, millwright, operating engineer, laborer, carpenter, or can you pass yourself off as one of those?  Most of those jobs require proof of training.
If you are not an actual, trained electrician with the cards to prove it, don't even bother with the electrical part of the work.
In those trades, they don't really "staff", they hire.  Mostly they are union shops like Day-Zimmerman.  So the hiring goes through the union halls.

I've only worked in "right to work" states (KS, NE) so my experience is not defined by one craft. Most of my nuke experience is mechanical. Pipefitting, ironworker, millwright, and boilermaker; I've worked in the mech maint shops on pumps, valves, heat exchangers, condensers, piping mods, instrumentation tubing, snubbers, and spring cans to name a few. I have also worked on a major mod crew installing new equipment and systems. Just curious about DAEC since it is close to home.

Already Gone:
DAEC's recent contracts were either with the Shaw Group, Day-Zimmerman, General Electric, and Westinghouse.
There are probably a couple of others, but those make up the bulk of the outage personnel.  Among those, only Westinghouse is non-union.

Never mind that "I don't define myself by one craft BS" It won't kill you to do it this once.   If you can do the work of a millwright, for example, then be a millwright for this job.  Go down to the local and see if you can get your name on the list.  There is probably a test or an initiation fee, but maybe not.  If they won't take you, try the Boilermakers or Steamfitters.  It is easy enough to get permitted in, and many of the locals are cow and corn farmers except for outage season.  So, there isn't any reason why they wouldn't take you if they need the hands and you can do the work.

Thanks for the info, I'll look into it.


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