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Anyone heard news of what is going on with Arden Hills?

Remote chance of a Vikings stadium?


--- Quote from: gsmagnum on Feb 11, 2012, 09:46 ---Remote chance of a Vikings stadium?

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It does feature excellent access to I-35. But I heard it would be a land swap where a smaller airport just north of there would be converted to malls and light industrial, and this site would become the:

Twin Cities-Anoka Air Park

It is supposedly an army munitions clean up r.e. depleted U that is undergoing NRC D-plan approval.   Curious if anyone has info about possible work. It is on the land proposed for the stadium.


Updated: February 8, 2012 - 6:41 AM


A St. Paul company won a $20.6 million contract to clean up the state's largest Superfund site, land in Arden Hills that also is being considered as the potential home of a proposed $1.1 billion Minnesota Vikings stadium.

The Ramsey County Board, by a 4-3 vote Tuesday, approved the contract with Carl Bolander & Sons Co. for the cleanup of 430 acres, some of which could be used for a stadium, other unspecified development and a wildlife preserve.

Even though the board approved the contract, nothing will happen unless state money comes through and the contract returns to the board for another approval. In voting against the contract, some commissioners said the proposal was premature and could bind the county to action even without state money......


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