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Food Irradiation

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???  Does anyone out there know of any Food Irradiation work sites and / or a web site that is displaying info concerning this field  ???  Any input would be greatly appreciated ...

I have seen that alot of you have read this post, but noone has provided a direction for additional info concerning this subject ... I really need this info ... Thanks

My first response was to tell you to calm down and learn to use your search engine.  

But since I'm such a nice guy try typing in ISOMEDIX, they have the largest facility in Canada located in Whitby, Ontario.  They have about 15 - 20 plants in the US and run electron beam, gamma and chemical sterlization units for stuff that can't take radiation.

on a whim...check out Dairy Queen websites...they have a "no bacteria" guarantee on there meat products through food irradiation...i helped build a few...maybe they have something on the site about it.

Food irradiation is nothing more than using radiation to kill all the bacteria in food of any kind.  It has been available for many years but due to the public's reaction to the word "radiation" has not been used extensively.  It is safe as long as the packages of irradiated food are not broken open and exposed to the air.  Meat, for example, can be irradiated, sealed and does not need to be frozen as any frozen food requirements.
I hope that helped. :)


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