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Fantasy MARSSIM Scan Instrument


I just finished leading a MARSSIM survey of a 60 foot deep quarry that used to house a research reactor for outer space use (Space Nuclear Auxially Program [SNAP]).   While in the middle of an early California rainy season storm I had an idea for the ultimate scan system for MARSSIM surveys.

I figured I'd throw it out there, in case any instrument types wanted to invent it and sell it.  Just let me know and I'll buy some of them, LOL!


1.  Comfortable steel toed boots with built in plastic or NaI scintillation and photo-muliplier tubes in the soles.

2.  A computer box for the belt that has GPS and radiation data recording built in.

3.  A combination hard hat/faceshield/headphones that has audio to the headphones and a heads up uR/hr and cpm display in the faceshield (like an F/A-22 Raptor).

4.  Everything has to be Blue-Tooth wireless (the shoes use RF to send the data to the belt box which sends data to the faceshield and headphones through RF).

Any takers?  I can do the NUREG-1507 calculations for you to obtain the walking speed, LOL.

You Realize, their are now at least 100 scientists and 50 million dollars, going to this project on Monday!

By the way, what color and size would you like those shoes?

RG   ;)


You are too funny!  If they make the shoes only for me, size 13, I will have to do the MARSSIM surveys for everyone, nationwide!  Not a good idea, since I am only one person.  They will have to make the soles intechangeable for every size feet.  Hmmm!!!  I'm cool with the dollars you predicted being spent on this though.  LOL!!

will we have to walk on our hands to survey ceilings and walls or will the interchangeable soles be velcroed to hardhats and gloves?

can't due da shuz.... hafta be sandals!  dat way yinze kin due beach surveys and iffen ya gots to go where da bikinis don't, ya jest strap 'em on over yer steeltoes 'n keep ona survey mode.  'cause ya know der ain't no rest fer da survey.


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