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Hello, I have been searching for some basic information on the Callaway Plant from someone who currently or has recently worked there. I'm currently a LELT (non EWS) on a submarine and recently completed the ever so challenging Excelsior Nuclear Eng. Tech. Bachelor's degree. I am looking or a job for my separation in December '12.  I'm trying to compare Callaway's benefits, job placement availability (potential class up date?), and starting pay (during and after initial training) for the auxillary operator (or equivalent) position with some other plants that I'm interested in. I'm from Missouri originally and would love to end up in the region. I would greatly appreciate any info available!

I have been there many times and can tell you it is a well run plant and most people seem happy to work there.  Good Luck.

(note:  I edited my original response, I mis-read your question)


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