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Error Precursors


Error Precursors
[*]Task Demands[*]Time pressure (in a hurry)[*]Simultaneous, multiple tasks[*]Unclear goals, roles, or responsibilities[*]Lack of or unclear standards[*]Interdisciplinary work[*]Complex / High information flow[/list][*]Work Environment[*]Distractions / Interruptions[*]Changes / Departure from routine[*]Confusing displays / control[*]Work - around[*]Unexpected equipment conditions[*]Back shift or recent shift change[/list][*]Individual Capabilities[*]Unfamiliarity with task[*]Lack of knowledge (faulty mental model)[*]Lack of proficiency; inexperience[*]Overzealousness for safety critical task[*]Illness or fatigue[*]Lack of big picture[/list][*]Human Nature[*]Stress[*]Habit patterns[*]Assumptions[*]Complacency / over confidence[*]Inaccurate risk perception[*]Communication shortcuts[/list][/list]

Don't let these error precursors happen to you.  Work safe this outage season!

Carolina Jethro:
WOW! Are you like running for some kind of office or something?  ;D ;D ;D

ya know sumtin?  iffen i could eliminate half of these precursors in each category, then i wouldn't have a job 'cause they replace me with someone showing potential at micky dee's. ;D

man...seems just a few days ago someone was showing me those....wait! it was just a few days ago... ::)
Chaos = Cash


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