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Lessons learned?


So, what is this message board meant for?  I can read, but what was the idea behind the lessons learned - no hold bars OE discussion or something else?  I really would like a place where I can talk to professionals,such as yourselves, and discuss happenings and issues and get real input.  Is this the intent?



--- Quote ---The purpose of this forum is to document on-the-job work experiences. Submit your best solutions for various jobs and processes. This is not to be plant specific, rumor, slander or urban legend. Postings will be reviewed, verified, edited for content, and archived for future reference. Post a summary for review if you wish to post a thesis or position paper. We are getting fewer and fewer, but before the knowledge is lost forever and plant / sites reinvent the wheel; we need to document what we have learned.
--- End quote ---

You have to be real careful about lessons you post too. Technical and human performance lessons are great. You have to watch Safety Lessons and lessons that have to do with the way your company actually does business as some things are business sensitive AND some safety items can be subject to a lawsuit.


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