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Hope Y'all Have A Good Outage

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Ah yes, the G33 Valve nest. !

J.O. actually performed 7e5 ftlbs of work last night shielding A,B suction and B disch. risers. Not bad for a senior citizen (61!)

Laundry Man:
Johnny and I go way back to IP II in 1980.  Glad to hear he can still make it into the Drywell.

Sorry Mike, but at least for me, "good" and "outage " do not go together.  So far this one has been a repeat of the last several. 

Maybe you can ask me again in a few years when I'm retired and working the other  (contracting) side of the fence, and I'll have a different opinion.

Oh I'm tired of the outage game. I get two 6-7 months apart with a 1 year break followed by the same thing.

Let me guess.... spend 18 months making a schedule which 36 hours in the outage 2 people who weren't involved in the first place want to break because they thing it'll get them 17.5 minutes ahead? :)


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