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Prayers please for my dear friend Kathleen Harding who just pulled through a life or death surgery ..... she is still not out of the woods and has a very long recovery ahead of her. We are all so upset ..... Kathy has been going to different doctors explaining the problems and pain concerning her stomach for some time now ..... of course they found nothing and cleared her for work, even though She pleaded with them to run more tests! We all know what doctors think when they do not find anything! Well, Sunday, March 25, Kathy was at work at Fermi, bent over and POW! Kathy's stomach split open dumping her stomach contents out into her abdomen. The doctors actually told her that they did not think she would survive the surgery, Kathy said it was the worst moment in her life knowing that she might never see her family again. When I talked to Kathy Thursday morning, she wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers and to please keep praying for her. I told her not to worry, the floodgates in heaven will have to be opened to receive all the prayers for her. I know we can pray Kathy through this, pray to keep infection from developing, Kathy still has a very long road of recovery ahead ♥

I've known about this for a few days and held off posting on here till her family was all contacted. She does have a very tough road ahead of her, but every prayer helps.

Kath is a very strong person with a strong will.

Kath is not oinly a fellow road tech. but somebody I grew up with over in Bridgman Michigan.

Kath, may the lord watch over you.


 :( if anyone has hospital information could you please pass it on!!!

Rick, She's in St Vincents in Toledo, may or may not be discharged today/monday. Her daughter and cousin were flown in to keep her company and not be alone during this time.

Mike McFarlin:
Kathleen, we all will be praying for your return to good health!!


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