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Loss of offsite power

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"Electricity from a switchyard feeding the plant lost energy just after 8 p.m. Wednesday, Pettit said, but it’s not clear where the problem occurred. “Everything worked as designed,” he said. “Unit 1 tripped and all four (backup) diesel generators started” to supply the plant with power. The event was declared over at 1:38 a.m. Thursday."

The cause of the power loss at the switchyard is still under investigation.  Aliens refueling is my guess :P  tt427

During meeting this morning here (here is NOT Catawba mind you, so take with grain of salt), this was discussed.  Manager statement was that a fire occurred, initial cause suspected to be 48v DC power supply.  Possible Part 21 issue.  No other info at this time. 

Any other thoughts/information along these lines?

found this in my inbox:


just a bit more info, not meant to be inflammatory or derogatory :)

Thank you HeavyD for the post/reply. +K


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