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--- Quote from: Rod Puller on Apr 17, 2012, 04:08 ---You wouldn't consider reenlisting for orders to prototype?  It's a lot of money for just a few additional years in the Navy.  I was considering going 6 and out myself but based my boat's op tempo (78% during the 3 1/2 years I was aboard) I didn't think it would be realistic for me to find the job I really wanted in the time frame I was afforded.  Instead I reenlisted and went to prototype in SC.  While there I qualified EWS, EOOW, ACRS, and MTS on top of getting my BS from TESC and LASIK on the Navy's dime.  Prototype was a great experience for me and was well worth the additional few years I spent in the Navy since they were (by far) the most productive years I had from a resume-building standpoint.  I had actually changed my mind and decided to stay in based upon my experiences there until the Navy told me I couldn't take my family with me to Guam.

In any case, evaluate what sacrifices you are willing to make.  The previous posters are spot on about the difficulties associated with transitioning out of the Navy from an overseas command.  Even if you get your finances in order there is still going to be a tremendous amount of risk associated with leaving a job without a guarantee of another one.  I'd say that as long as the industry stays where it is currently at and you aren't too picky about where you work or what you are doing there you won't have any issues finding yourself gainfully employed at some point after you get out.  For me, I wouldn't want that level of stress especially in light of what you stand to gain by staying in just a bit longer.  Thanks for your service!

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OR then enter "nuclear operator" or "Health physics"  or go to OR and look at your options with the government. I've heard a rumor that this site even has a jobs tab somewhere....

The choice is yours!

Search to your hearts desire!
Good luck to you!


--- Quote from: 1000rr on Apr 15, 2012, 01:18 ---Hello everyone,
I am going to be getting out of the navy in summer 2013. 6 and out, sir, no ews. My concern is that I will be in Guam, making my search for a NLO position more difficult. It seems that since I will be in Guam with a 90% op tempo I'm at a huge disadvantage for my job search. My question is, am I worried for no reason. Thanks in advance for the advice.


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I'm in the same boat as you except I just got out from Guam. Yeah the op tempo can be pretty crazy and leave you with little to no time to prepare for life outside the navy. Re-enlisting is an option but the detailers I talked to said I'd have to stay in guam for an extra year before going to a shore duty. (5 years on a guam boat is too much)

I got back from an underway and had 2 weeks to process and get moved out of Guam. Flew back to the states, got my DD-214 (discharge certificate) and bam before I knew it I was out of the navy and had no plans for getting a job. I cant stress how important what the poster below you said, save as much money as you can (it shouldn't be too hard with that kind of op tempo). Ill let you know how things go in my job hunt. But while youre in, keep saving!

Good luck.


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