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Naval Shipyard Job, good or bad idea???


So, i got a job offer as a control engineer at a naval shipyard. good or bad idea? i need opinions before getting myself into that big of a commitment. help!!

retired nuke:
OK, you're gonna have to fill in some blanks....

Do you have to move? Will they relocate you? Is there a time committment if they move you?

Does the pay meet your requirements? Does the job appear challenging?

Why did you apply if you hadn't considered all this?

It's a job.... lots of folks would like it, if you don't.


Also depends on what you think the job entails vs. the reality of what the job is.
The large portion of the job is taking existing work instructions, researching the technical requirements to make sure they're up to date, and getting them issued to the trades workforce for execution.  You may spend some time shipboard as problems arise, writing work instructions to correct some deficient condition.  You won't be "engineering" anything new...the shipyards are an assembly it once, then do it again on the next ship.
That said, its a government job, so its secure.  Pay isn't great, but not bad either.  Once you're fully versed in the job, some shiftwork and weekend work may be required.
So much depends on what you want out of an engineering job.


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