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Rad Tech Posting Closed - How long To Wait?

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 I was wondering if anyone had any clue as to how long it takes to receive a call about a job you applied for after the job posting closing date?
Am I being impatient ? - the posting closed Sun Apr 29th and havent heard anything yet  :(


I don't know about that plant. When I applied at a US nuke, I waited for about a month before I heard back. I know some people that were not selected for employment never received notice. It may not hurt to follow up with a call or email.

Well if its for the opg posting I got a call for a test yesterday

yes it was for the one at OPG - hmmm wonder if i will get a call

Just so your not waiting for a call I'll tell you its an email so check your inbox and junk just incase! Goodluck to you


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