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retired nuke:

This don't look good....

What are they thinking? As a resident of Massachusetts I think this is a terrible time to be quibbling over contracts and sending workers home. The state and local towns are trying to fight Pilgrims renewal left and right and the WORST thing management there could do is appear to put profits over safety (I am not saying this is what they are doing I am saying the anti's and FUDites will try to spin it this way)

A house divided is a bad thing at such an important time.


That is a two way street...

I am just speaking as a local resident. I don't doubt that the plant employees deserve better benefits and more money. What I am afraid of is the kooks using this to spread more FEAR, UNCERTAINTY, and DOUBT about Pilgrim which is VITAL to the energy mix in the area as well as the economy.

I don't mean to say that either side is "wrong" I just wish the timing was different and maybe negotiations could have been postponed until the license is renewed.

What good is a great contract for either side if the plant does not keep operating?

In WW2 during the worst phase of the Battle Of Atlantic British dockyard and shipyard workers went on a 3 week strike....


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