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At 5:20 am a call was put out to return to work. Local 369 is back on the job. The current contract has been extended to May 25th. This will give both sides a chance to get back to the table. The issue is the same as every where else, medical benefits. Local 369 is asking to maintain the current Blue Cross policy.

That is GREAT news. I hope management and the workers will be able to negotiate a fair contract and provide a unified front against the "Anties" and "FUDites" who are trying to shutter this important part of the energy mix in New England.

What happens if, after the 25th, Entergy and 369 can't come to an agreement? Also, what happens when the current license runs out on the 8th?

When the current license runs out the plant will be allowed to continue operating under it's terms because they filed for renewal more than enough time in advance.

As far as labor contracts it is up to the parties involved. They could continue to work under the terms of the old contract while negotiating or there could be a strike or lockout. Usually if they keep working any pay raises would be retro active to the date the old contract expired.

Well here is the latest update, Plant shutdown yesterday during backwash downpower. 12 hour shifts started, no movement on contract and that expires at midnight this friday.


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