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Can someone direct me to a regulation or a book on material release limits? For free release?

Hi Lamont,

Who is the governing body regarding your question.

ie. DOE, DOD, NRC?

Have a great week!


The NRC and the state of Texas. Wouldn't the NRC's guidelines rule over all as a standard and the others just regulate more for the safety of not violating the code of federal regs.? If it is the code of Federal Regs. What part and where.

I appreciate all your help and showing off is great!!! That is why I came here to the pros to find out.

Lamont,  Unfortunately, you have merely narrowed the criteria a few degrees.  It would depend on what type of free release you are concerned; liquid, gas, solid.  Are you releasing materials?  Are you doing shipments?  Is it a free release to the general public, or to another licensee?  It goes on and on.  Now, in RE: to whether the state or feds have jurisdiction, it depends on whether you are in an "agreement state" or not.  Another item to consider in RE: to state/fed is the isotope in question; for instance, the feds usually delegate Radium to the states.  I realize that this is probably not much help, but perhaps you undrstand why mr marssim was throwing all the regs and guides at you, and maybe, just maybe give you guidance for what he is looking for.  He does know what he is talking about.

Rain Man:
States will exert rights over certain issues.  This is one of them under specific circumstances and depending on the state.  States rights has always been a bone of contention and some exercise them more vigorously than others.


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