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Would getting an AAS in nuclear tech at Bismarck State College be advantageous for prospective employees at PVNGS? I know it is an Excelon sponsored program, but would palo verde see an applicant as a valuable commodity with that AAS? Thanks in advance!

Already Gone:
That is a bit of a generalization.  So, forgive me for giving a general answer.

Having any degree is better than not having a degree when searching for a job -- all other things being equal.  An AAS in nuclear technology doesn't qualify anyone for any job in the nuclear industry - but enhances the qualifications that you do have.  It gives an edge over someone who has equal levels of experience.  It shows formal training in the field (as well as your ability to successfully complete the program requirements)

If you are aiming at a particular job, the educational and experience points in your favor for one job could be meaningless for another.  If the AAS NT is all you have on your resume, you aren't going to have any advantage over someone with 20 years experience, but it should put you well ahead of the other entry-level candidates.

If I may ask, why are you asking?  Do you already have this degree, or are you considering if it is worth pursuing?

Sorry for the (extremely) late reply!

I am currently trying to finish up a bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering Technology. At the time, I was considering just getting another AAS through Bismarck. But since then I have moved on to trying to receive a BS in EET vs. having 2 AAS's. Thank you for the answer by the way, it was actually helpful.

I think that ultimately I would like enjoy a career working at a nuclear plant (either I&C or Operator). I am currently a diesel generator technician in the Air Force, I have 2 years left (as I have completed 4) and I hope to be able to separate and get a nuke job. We will see where I am at when the time comes, but I am a planner and I don't like not knowing what I will be doing in say 5 years from now. Thanks again!


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