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I was in the Navy for 8 years; while in I worked on the USS Jimmy Carter and left as a MM1(SS).  Since the Navy I moved to Lake Havasu City to take care of my mother who fell ill.  I am currently working in a PVC extrusion manufacturing plant as a Lead Operator.  While here I used my GI bill to go back to school and will be finishing a degree in Technical Management next month with a 4.0 average.  When in power school I graduated top half of everything.

I qualified everything I could while on my sub up to ERS.  I made first class 3 months prior to leaving my boat and never became EWS qualified.  While on the Sub I did everything from gage calibration, maintenance, Quality Assurance, RPPO, pubs, etc...  

I now have a strong desire to get back into the nuclear world and for the past 6 months I have had very little luck.  I am reaching out to try and start networking.  I am not picky about what I do and will work hard.  My requirement is Full time work, benefits, and 60k a year(or close to that)

When looking at the job boards the thing that describes the Mechanical position best is the Auxiliary Operator Position.  So my question is what other positions should I be looking at?  I have applied to Teaching and Planning positions as I see them come up.  

I am at the point that I would hire a headhunter to help me move back into the Nuclear Field.  Any suggestions on job postings that I would be qualified for that I have overlooked would be appreciated.  Any suggestions on how to get back into the Nuke world would be appreciated.  

Thank you for your time.

I served for 8 years in the Navy.  At time of discharge I was an E-6 qualified in subs as a Navy Nuclear Machinist Mate.  I have read the job posting and I meet all the requirements for the position.  I have over 11 years operational and maintenance mechanic experience with 5 years of Supervisory experience.  6 years focusing on all areas of Propulsion Plant equipment operation, maintenance, testing, quality control and safety.  3 years focusing on PVC extrusion.  I have superior knowledge of mechanical system maintenance methods and operation of the Nuclear Power Plants and extrusion lines.  I am a fast learner and a hard worker who absorbs information; I use the information safely and practically following all procedures. 


•   Bachelors of Science in Technical Management, Devry University, 2012 – 4.0 GPA
•   Qualified in Submarines in less than 30 days of being on a boat underway.  March, 23 2003.
•   QAI – Submarine Force Quality Assurance Inspector – Groton, CT - Graduated July 2003
•   Leadership – First Line Leadership Development Program – Groton, CT - Graduated Dec 2003
•   Department of Defense EPA Certification Program for CFC and HCFC universal technician- 07NOV2001
•   Nuclear Field “A” School - Mar 2000 to Jun 2000 - 3.367 GPA on a 4.0 Scale
•   Math Honor Man (Scored 100% in all Math subjects)
•   Nuclear Power School - Jun 2000 to Dec 2000 - 3.61 GPA on a 4.0 Scale
•   Nuclear Power Prototype Training Facility  -  Dec 2000 to Jun 2001 - 3.26 GPA on a 4.0 Scale
•   Qualified second in class at S8G prototype

Work Experience

•   Prioritized, supervised and inspected maintenance and testing of all propulsion plant related equipment onboard a nuclear powered submarine.  Specifically responsible for preparing quality control work packages, ordering parts, inspecting in-process work and verifying system integrity and operation.
•   Anticipate plant responses and make changes as required to ensure efficiency, safety, and production guidelines are met.
•   Performed gage calibration on equipment, and ordered all parts needed for all M-Div maintenance. 
•   My can do will do attitude was critical to finish the refit on time and meet the USS Maryland’s vital Operational Commitments. I was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal.
•   My High level of technical expertise and sound judgment were often called upon during the arduous new construction period.  Leading up to initial sea trials and inter-fleet transfer.  I documented all the initial testing and repairs which directly contributed to the ship passing its first operational Reactors Safeguard exam.
•   Supervise/Perform Start-ups & Shut downs of a Nuclear Power Plant and PVC extrusion lines.
•   Superior troubleshooting abilities that reduce down time, scrap, and deficiencies.

   Process Improvement/Quality Control

•   Used lean manufacturing techniques to save the US Navy over $400,000 in repair cost of deluge valves.  Repaired over 1450 new valves using the new method all of which had 0 rework as the result and was done in 10% of the normal time.  This set the new standard for the maintenance shops, and I was awarded the Lean Zealot Award.
•   Consistently maximized training benefits for all incumbents.  Actively seeking out any and all training opportunities possible.
•   Qualified Quality Assurance Inspector, Gage Calibration, and all mechanical Engine Room Watch stations.
•   Took charge of the division’s training program, transforming the command’s vision into a vibrant program.  Ensured that the divisional training plan benefited everyone in a 21-man division, regardless of experience level.
•   Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, and Windows.

Employment Chronology

•   Lead Operator - North American Pipe, Yucca AZ – Feb 2009 – Present (90days temp/direct hire on June 2009)
•   K-mart – Salesman, Lake Havasu City, AZ, Oct 2008 – Feb 2009
•   Papa Johns – Delivery Driver, Houston, TX – May 2008 – Oct 2008
•   First Option Mortgage – Loan Officer, Houston, TX– Feb 2008-May 2008
•   MM1(SS)- US Navy – 1999 to 2008(EAOS)

Your resume screams custodian.

Oh and if that in fact is your resume it's poorly written and would get no one's attention.

That is good to know.  I had another resume and this is the format the last headhunter told me to write it in.  He said it was perfect; however, obviously I did not get that position so I am open to a new format/way to write the resume.

Writing a resume is something that I have always had difficulties doing.

What does this mean?

"•   Took charge of the division’s training program, transforming the command’s vision into a vibrant program.  Ensured that the divisional training plan benefited everyone in a 21-man division, regardless of experience level."

Too general. What does vibrant mean. Exactly how did the training transform into performance?


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